As gateways to knowledge and culture, libraries play a fundamental role in leaning. The resources and services they offer create opportunities for learning, support literacy and education, and help shape the new ideas and perspectives that are central to a creative and innovative society. In so believing, Compassion Secondary School has invested huge in library so as to achieve the intended goal that is to through knowledge to the world.

With no doubt, a library is an important source of knowledge to young minds in schools. It develops the important habit of reading among the students, which is one of the most essential aspect in sharpening learning process.

 We have a fully equipped resources, well organized, preserved and made accessible to learners or students and teachers. At Compassion Secondary school we fully commit ourselves and resources into enhancing our library regularly because we understand that library is synonymous with education and offer countless learning opportunities that can fuel economic, social and cultural development. Therefore we spare no effort into seeing we have standard, self-sufficient, accessible, resourced and technological friendly library.

Welcome to Compassion Secondary School.