The privilege of coming together as a team, working with one spirit and cooperative interest, makes us to have our vision and mission as our optimum priority. This enhances our daily growth and development in all spheres of our duty and in the life of our most prestigious students.
The prime interest of compassion secondary school is to develop well-founded, confident and responsible citizens with great aspiration of making exploit hence, setting a pace. This quest is supported by adequate provision of a conducive environment for learning, with the intention of making them enjoy this sensitive moment in life, and to allow it go through them, making them independent life-long learners.
Compassion secondary school encourages critical thinking, and problem solving, agility and adaptability, initiative and entrepreneurship, curiosity and constructive imagination, effective oral and written communication, and above all, the fundamental values of every average Tanzanian child, enhancing a proper growth and well-being is highly encouraged.
We welcome you to compassion family, home of learning.